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Introducing new dimension in Modular Synthesizers World

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Horus DSP : when modular synthesizers meet the flexibility of plugins...

HorusDSP concept can be described by 3 words:

  • Programmability: each plugin can store up to 32 user programs. Once the plugin is loaded in the HorusDSP hardware, it is completely autonomous. Connect a master keyboard or any other MIDI controller, and use HorusDSP without needing a computer attached to it
  • Polyphony: most of our plugins support polyphony, which is something very hard to find in modular synthesizers world. Moreover, RTP-MIDI allows you to chain easily modules, to grow even more the polyphony.
  • Versatility: with HorusDSP, you don't simply buy a module dedicated to one function. You can load a different plugin with just a few clicks and change completely the function of your module
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HorusDSP is a Eurorack DSP module designed to perform real-time audio processing. It provides 2 analog audio inputs, 4 analog audio outputs and 4 Control Voltage inputs.

The DSP within Horus runs the plugin entirely by itself (no external computer is is involved in the process) with a latency of only one sample between the input and the output. That means that you can chain as many Horus DSP modules as you want, without noticeable latency.

The signal can be processed at 48kHz, 96kHz or 192kHz depending on the plugin loaded in the module. Processing is done using an high precision digital format of 28 bits minimum (some plugins are using 56 bits extended format)

Horus DSP is open!

HorusDSP is built around the ADAU1701 DSP and can be programmed with the free SigmaStudio environment. Once the DSP program has been generated in SigmaStudio, you can use our generic VST plugin to access all DSP parameters in real-time.

Discover the power of Virtual CV

All HorusDSP plugins support the new VirtualCV concept. With VirtualCV, you control in real time and with a very high resolution (up to 56 bits) all parameters of HorusDSP from any DAW software.

All of this based on standard MIDI protocol! Forget expensive MIDI/CV converters (limited to16 bits at best) and take benefit of the power and flexibility of RTP-MIDI

Easy integration in Max and Sensomusic Usine

The plugins can be directly integrated into Max/MSP and Sensomusic Usine. Thanks to dedicated software extensions, the HorusDSP hardware appears as a native object for Max and Usine. Create the craziest modulation scheme in Max or Usine and apply it in real time to the oscillator and filters running on HorusDSP.
And of course, the objects for Max and Usine are fully functional and we offer all support needed to use them ("beta versions without any support" are not in our way of working...)

Pricing / Availability

Public price of HorusDSP is 350 euros (w/o post and package fees)

HorusDSP is distributed mainly by a network of distributors, which is currently in preparation. We will provide as soon as possible the list on this website, to allow you to buy HorusDSP directly from them.

For urgent need, we can sell HorusDSP modules directly. Please contact us by email for quotation (note that OEM version is only available directly from BEB)



The plugins

The plugins are the complementary part of the Horus DSP. Each plugin provides specific processing capabilities that you will probably never find anywhere else.

Each plugin is made of three software parts:

  • The Horus DSP software, running on the DSP board and performing real-time audio processing
  • The Controller software, which takes in charge the MIDI, RTP-MIDI communication tasks. The Controller software is also in charge of modulation control for most DSP plugins
  • The VST plugin editor, to give you access to the DSP and modulation parameters directly from your favorite sequencer

Note that audio processing is always performed entirely by the Horus DSP hardware, not in the VST plugin.

You can also control directly the plugins from Max/MSP or from any RTP-MIDI compatible software.


NEW : an iOS version of the Horus Manager is currently being developed (we got a lot of requests for that). This application can edit all Horus plugins


Last but not least: all of our plugins are available for free once you have the Horus hardware! You do not need to pay for every new plugin that we will create.

We have already created  plugins for the Horus DSP, but more are on the way (string machine oscillator, chorus/flanger, etc...)

Harmonic Oscillator

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OEM Version

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The OEM version opens the HorusDSP platform to Arduino, MIDIBox and other DIY communities. It allows them to integrate the Horus platform in their own designs, using their own control board. The OEM board is compatibles with all Horus plugins, which are available as binary files to integrate in a custom control board.

It is also possible to create custom DSP programs, thanks to the free graphical tool. Application examples for Arduino and MIDIBox are available within a free SDK.

Communication with the control board is done over a fast SPI bus, which can be shared between two HorusDSP OEM boards.

The board is available in two versions: equipped with all audio and MIDI connectors, or to be wired (without connectors for audio and MIDI).

The OEM board requires a +12V/-12V power supply and provides 5V/500mA for the external control board.

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